WordPress is great – but this is just stupid!

I just had to rant about this. I really like wordpress, but i think they missed one really important “usability feature”, take a look at this picture:


Why is the text edior so tiny? Shouldn’t it be the main part of the “Add new post” page? It only covers a fraction of the screen area. Thank god for firefox extensions like Resizeable Textarea


2 thoughts on “WordPress is great – but this is just stupid!

  1. You are able to resize it, either by going into ‘Visual’ mode and resizing it using the bottom right corner and dragging it further down the page.

    Or you can go into the Settings > Writing and set ‘Size of the post box’ to a higher number of lines and a bigger text editor.


  2. I know, but I tries to avoid the visual mode because sometimes when i go from html mode to visual and back, my markup code gets all screwed up.

    Also the “Resizeable Textarea” plugin is extremely useful on other pages too 🙂

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