Book review: ASP.NET MVC 1.0 – Test Driven Development

About a month ago I finished reading the book ASP.NET MVC 1.0 – Test Driven Development by Emad Ibrahim. The book weighs in only at about 300 pages, making it easily something you can read in a couple of nights. The book is written in tutorial fashion and is is probably best read with a laptop running Visual Studio on your lap, so you can follow the examples in the book. The paradigm of the book is Problem, Design, Solution. Emand gudies the reader though the full process of creating a web application in a Test Driven manner.

Besides from only presenting MVC and TTD Emand presents several very useful libraries for Test Driven Development:

  • Moq – A mocking library for .NET that uses the power of LINQ to create mocks.
  • Ninject – Dependency injection library for .NET
  • MBunit – An alternative to VSTest

I think the book gives a good kickstart in ASP.NET MVC and TTD. My favorite part of the book was actually not reading about MVC itself, it was reading about testing it – Emad shows the strengths of MVC by showing how it makes testing easier.


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