MVC 3 RTM Install Error (after upgrading to VS2010 SP1)

Yesterday I installed Visual Studio 2010 SP1 on my home computer. After the installation I wanted to upgrade MVC3 to the RTM version (I had the RC version installed), so i uninstalled the RC and downloaded the new version. The installation came half way, then stopped, in the log file i found this:

Installation failed with error code: (0x80070643)

Not very helpful, but at least something to google. Then I found this blog post. The author describes pretty much the same issue that I had, so I did what he suggested, unpacked the installer using 7-Zip and installed the MSI packages in the following order:

  1. 1. aspnetwebpages.msi
  2. 2. aspnetwebpagesvs2010tools.msi
  3. 3. aspnetmvc3.msi
  4. 4. aspnetmvc3vs2010tools.msi
  5. 5. nuget.msi

This happily installed MVC3 without complaining. Thanks Michael!


7 thoughts on “MVC 3 RTM Install Error (after upgrading to VS2010 SP1)

  1. Thanks. It worked like charm. But in Help, About, it still shows RTMRel while in other pc, it shows SP1Rel. Anything about that as MVC application working gr8.

    Anyway, posted on 🙂

  2. this helped me getting my (still local) funnelweb blog installation running when switching to a new computer, thanks!

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