Updated version of SignalRChat

Yesterday I uploaded a slightly updated version of the test application I have built using SignalR. Besides from looking much better, it now uses the high level Hubs API (instead of the connection API) that SignalR provides.

You find it here: http://signalrchat.apphb.com/

And you can find the source on GitHub: http://github.com/moberg/SignalRChat


.NET, C#, Web

5 thoughts on “Updated version of SignalRChat

  1. Hi,

    I’ve tried to update your chat app with the latest version of SignalR. Changed a few things in the ChatHub because there are changed in SignalR. But I can’t get it to run properly.

  2. I start all over and now I’ve got it working.. Did something wrong I guess.. Thanks for the great example.

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