One week with the Nokia Lumia 800

One week ago I got a Nokia Lumia 800 from my company, this is my random thoughts so far:

+ Amazing screen
+ Good batery life for being a smart phone
+ Really beautiful
+ User interface is blazing fast
+ Integration with Google, Facebook and MSN works great. All my contacts was synced from Google.
+ Fast web browser, zooming and scrolling is super smooth
+ Live tiles are really cool, but not sure if it is the best use of space
+ Hubs! This is a great concept, messages goes to the messages hub, music to the music hub and so on.

– The lack of applications, good thing i am not a big app user
– Applications are not as mature as on iOS or Android. For example the Facebook application is missing a lot of functionality found on iOS and Android.
– The default search engine is Bing and I can’t find a way to change it.
– Navigating back in the web browser. Navigating back to the previous page is done by clicking the back button in the bottom left corner, works great if you are surfing some pages, but if you leave the browser and come back, the back button will take you back to the main screen (or where you were before going back to the web browser). At this point there is no way to navigate back in your surfing history, really dumb!

But over all I must say I am very happy with it!


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