MongoDB, C# and Mono

MongoDB is one of the many free open source NoSQL databases that exist today. I wanted to try out how well the official drivers for C# worked when using Mono. On the MongoDB web site they have pre built binaries of MongoDB for almost every platform, i grabbed the 64 bit binary for OSX. No […]

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Trying out CouchDB for the first time

CouchDB is a document-oriented database written in the Erlang programming language. It is a NoSQL product designed for local replication and to scale vertically along a wide range of devices. There are several good libraries that will abstract accessing CouchDB from various programing languages. However, in order to understand what goes on in the libraries, […]

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CouchDB a NoSQL database

Traditionally relational databases has been the primary way of storing, sorting and searching data, and for most purposes they are very good at it. However, in the last few years – with the growth of cloud computing and sites such as Facebook pushing relational databases to its limits, people have started to look for other […]

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